5 Ways To Keep Your Homes Safe This Christmas

1st Dec 2020

With Christmas approaching, you might be thinking that it’s time to put your Christmas decorations up. Or if you’ve started the festive cheer early, they may already be up!

There’s nothing better than getting cosy in a blanket with candles, baubles, and fairy lights twinkling around you. But sadly, the chances of an accident happening also increase with the use of electricals and flames.

We provide some simple Christmas safety tips, which will help you keep your festive time free of fire risks.

1. Hanging your decorations

Garlands, tinsel, lights and other festive hanging are perfect for decorating your home in Christmas, but these could be the origin of a fire if you place them too precariously.

2. Look at the condition and standards of your lights

To ensure lights are safe for use, keep in mind the following:

 3. Turn off and unplug electricals when you’re not around

It is tempting to leave your lights on throughout the day or night so you can come back to a festive house, but it is not a sensible idea. Aside from running your electric bill, you also run the risk of not being around to catch a fault.

4. Burning and lighting candles

You no doubt already know to be cautious with candles, but it really is important to take extra care with fire safety around Christmas.

To use candles safely, keep in mind the following:

5. Select a suitable tree

Everyone loves a real Christmas tree. That Christmas tree scent really does fill the room with feelings of festivity. But an old, underwatered Christmas tree can pose a real fire safety hazard, so pay attention when picking.

Here are some tips for keeping your tree safe:

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