Benefits of having a Local Property Manager

20th May 2021

Whether you’re a leaseholder, developer or a director of a resident’s management company, having a Local Property Manager (LPM) can be a massive advantage and can take a lot of pressure off yourself.

Blocsphere have over 40 years’ combined property management experience which enabled us to build what we believe to be the best property management package in the UK. During our 8 years of operating, we noticed a gap in the market when it came to property management. Last year we set up a new business model where we have built a network of Local Property Managers who will operate in each postcode district across the UK.

But what are the benefits of having a LPM? We’ve put together this short guide explaining why having a Local Property Manager managing your development can be a huge advantage.


They are available to make in-person property visits and respond quickly to problems

One of the main advantages of having a Local Property Manager is that they are available to make in-person property visits whenever there is a problem at the site, or if any maintenance work is being carried out. They will be able to meet contractors on site, on the same day, to deal with reactive maintenance and to ensure the development, and residents, are safe.

This is a massive USP for our company, compared to other management companies, as although you can effectively manage a property from a distance, having a Local Property Manager brings that security of knowing that they are only a short drive away and will be able to respond quickly to any problems.


They have a network of local contractors to handle maintenance and repairs.

Inevitably, a property will deteriorate if not correctly cared for. This includes utilities, as well as the exterior of the building and the surrounding landscaping. Should something break, repairs will be in order, and if the interior of a building becomes dated, it may require renovations.

Finding local contractors to handle these maintenance, repair, and renovation projects can be a costly endeavour. However, a local property manager will be better qualified to find these contractors and work with them to see the project through. Knowing which vendors have a reputation for excellent service in an area will give them an advantage over outside managers.


They will have knowledge of the surrounding areas

It isn’t just that they know their way around, but also have a reputation to maintain. Reputations are hard-earned, and a property manager who has succeeded in establishing a reputation for fairness and honesty will work hard to maintain it.

Many developments will be attracted to a property management company with a good reputation. A local property manager has time to build trust within a community. Sometimes a remote agent does not.


Your first port of call

Our job is to make sure your home feels safe, clean, and comfortable. If you need anything, or something goes wrong, your Local Property Manager will always be the first port of call. Your Property Manager will only be a phone call away if any residents need my assistance, or have any queries relating to their development. Whatever the emergency, you can reach our team 24/7.


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