Block & Estate Management


The price we say is the price you pay! We’re not like other Managing Agents – We don’t do hidden fees or change the subject when you ask us about money. We are not scared to show you our fees as we believe that we offer the most comprehensive property management services at a competitive price.

Dedicated Property Manager

We provide your development with its own Property Manager who looks after all insurance, financial, maintenance and health & safety matters on your behalf. You have direct access to your Property Manager via phone and email.

Contactable 24 / 7

Unlike many Managing Agents, we’re also available out-of-hours to deal with emergencies. Our dedicated 24-hour emergency response telephone number is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Nationwide Coverage

We’re centrally located to provide nationwide coverage for Block & Estate Management. Our current portfolio spans from as far north as the Lake District, down to the south coast of the UK.

Transparent Pricing

We’re one of very few Managing Agents who are not scared to show you our fees – Why? – Because we believe we offer the most comprehensive service for the best price! See our fees here.

Service Charge Collection

We collect Service Charges on your behalf and ensure that we do so in accordance with the Lease and relevant legislation. All of our Service Charge payment requests are compliant and we initiate our arrears collection processes with those Leaseholders who fail to make payment.

Ground Rent Collection

We collect Ground Rent on your behalf and ensure that we do so in accordance with the Lease and relevant legislation. All of our Ground Rent payment requests are compliant and we initiate our arrears collection processes with those Leaseholders who fail to make payment.

Arrears Management

We have never failed to recover a Service Charge or Ground Rent debt across the whole of our portfolio. As such, we believe our arrears collection processes are second to none.

Annual Budget Preparation

We prepare the Annual Budget on your behalf and ask you to approve this before it is supplied to Leaseholders. Our budgets are accurate, well presented and adhere to proper Lease schedules.

Regular Site Inspections

Your dedicated Property Manager will carry out regular site inspections to ensure that all maintenance and Health & Safety requirements are kept up to date. Unlike most Managing Agents, we are on first name terms with many Leaseholders and enjoy a good chat with them while on site.

Professional residential block management that makes your life easier

As you know, the responsibilities of Block & Estate Management are immense. Whether you’re an investment freeholder with a variety of residential blocks in your portfolio, a Residents Management Company or Right To Manage company seeking to appoint a managing agent, professional Block & Estate Management can make a huge difference to your development. Hiring a professional residential block management company will take away the stress and hassle of handling complex property management matters on your own, giving you more time to focus on everything else. From leaseholder liaison to debt collection to regular service maintenance checks, Blocsphere will provide you with experienced residential block management giving you the confidence in the management of the property. At Blocsphere, we always provide a fully comprehensive property management service to all our clients, so you’ll always be fully covered, whatever your property needs. You’ll no longer have to manage each responsibility separately as we’ll do it all for you. In addition, unlike many other managing agents, our fee estimates always are upfront and totally inclusive, so you’ll never have any surprise costs.

Our leasehold management services guarantee stress-free property management for you

We make life easier for our clients. Block & Estate Management generates a huge variety of responsibilities, both long term and on a day-to-day basis. It’s vital for tenants, landlords and the state of the properties that these demands are handled professionally, properly and in a timely manner. Even for experienced clients with large property portfolios, these take up a lot of time and can often be stressful. For new or inexperienced leaseholders, the world of Service Charges can also be confusing and lead to many questions. An experienced property manager will manage these potential stresses for you, so you’ll be able to guarantee your property is well managed every step of the way.

Services we offer as part of our fully inclusive block management fees include:

  • Dedicated property manager
  • Contactable 24/7
  • Nationwide coverage
  • Transparent pricing
  • Service Charge collection
  • Ground Rent collection
  • Arrears management
  • Maintenance & Insurance arrangements
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Regular site visits
  • Leaseholder liaison


We’ll handle the day-to-day business of your block property management

We’ll always provide you with a named property manager who knows your property and portfolio as well as you do. Unlike many other block property management companies, you’ll be able to contact a property manager 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, giving you continued confidence as well as a quick response to any issues that may occur. Leaseholders can also access our Leasehold Portal to always stay up to date with their development.

Residential block management can also sometimes be especially difficult, concerning debt collections or leaseholder/tenant liaison issues. We have vital experience in dealing with potentially difficult leaseholder/tenant situations. We’re here to be the first contact point for any of these problems, making life a lot simpler for you.

Our legal expertise will always give you peace of mind

Legal issues arising from block and estate management are one of the key benefits to hiring a professional managing agent. It’s essential that both landlords and the properties themselves are always legally compliant with current legislation. Keeping up to date with property legislation and compliance can often be a difficult task for clients, but our legal specialists are here to help. Blocsphere are experienced in all aspects of leasehold legal matters and we’ll make sure to always represent your best interests when it comes to giving advice. Choosing a qualified and experienced management company such as Blocsphere is essential to make sure your estate is handled properly. Our experience and knowledge mean you can relax – we’ve got your property best interests handled.

Contact Blocsphere for your professional Block & Estate management fee estimate

Blocsphere is an experienced property management company covering the whole of the UK. We have offices in London, Cardiff, Birmingham and Manchester, so we’re able to offer our special brand of inclusive property management nationwide. We make sure we offer the perfect residential block management services for you, tailored to your specific property needs. We take the stress out of managing your residential or commercial development, while protecting the value of your property every step of the way. Our named, experienced property managers will always be on hand to provide a quick response to any issues.

Call our new business team on 0330 113 1879 or contact us today for a no obligation fee estimate for your property management needs. We’re proud of our 100% comprehensive and transparent fees and will be happy to discuss your property management requirements in depth.



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