FAQ for Leasholders

A Service Charge is payable under the terms of the Lease by the Leaseholder (Lessee) to the Landlord (Lessor) in respect of the services which the Landlord provides to the building. Simply speaking it is a contribution from each property owner towards the upkeep of the communal areas. This usually includes services such as cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, redecoration and insuring the building. It is important to make payment of Service Charges so that the building can be maintained for the benefit of all property owners.

Ground Rent is a (fixed or increasing) payment made by a Leaseholder to the Freeholder or superior Leaseholder under the terms of the Lease. The payment is usually due annually and failure to make payment could result in the Landlord forfeiting your Lease (subject to certain conditions).

We offer a variety of ways you can make payment of Service Charge or Ground Rent. Please click here for full details.

Failure to make payment of Service Charges by the due date will result in you incurring additional administration fees each time we send you a payment reminder. If you ignore these reminders your account may then be passed to our Solicitor who will commence legal action to recover the outstanding amounts. This may ultimately result in payment being obtained from your Mortgage Company or via bailiff attendance.

You will be provided with a budget at the start of the Service charge year detailing how much we expect each service to cost for that year. Following the end of the Service Charge year you will then be provided with independently prepared accounts which confirm how much was actually spent in each area.

There are only two circumstances where you can legally withhold payment of Service Charges which are: Where the demand is not accompanied by the prescribed summary of rights and obligations, or, where the demand does not contain the landlord’s name and address for service. All Service Charge payment requests issued by us comply with both of the above.

Buildings Insurance is usually arranged as part of the Service Charge. This can differ at some sites so please contact us to confirm your particular arrangement.

If you need to make a claim on the buildings insurance for you development please contact us with full details.

You can report non-urgent repairs by clicking here. If you need to report an emergency please click here for details of our 24-hour emergency telephone number.

The Lease usually makes provision for dealing with anti-social behavior or anything else which interrupts the quiet enjoyment of Leaseholders. Please contact us to report any issues and we will advise how we can resolve these.

The Company’s Articles of Association may restrict the number of Directors or include rules about who can become a Director. Generally, most people can become a Director if they wish (providing they are entitled, for example, by owning a property at the development). Please contact us so that we can advise in relation to your particular Management Company.

Every site we look after has its own dedicated Client account with our bank NatWest. Your Service Charge / Ground Rent funds are fully protected by the bank and are ring-fenced from our own personal finances.

You can check your Service Charge / Ground Rent account balance, as well as viewing important documents by using our Leaseholder portal which can be accessed by clicking here.

We deal with enquiries from Solicitors in relation to a property sale. This usually involves us providing our “Property Sale Information Pack” containing all of the important information the buyer needs to know such as: Details of Service Charges / Ground Gent, planned major works, Management Company information and more. We also handle the completion of form LPE1 as required by the Solicitor.

If your property forms part of a block containing other flats / apartments then you may qualify to buy a SHARE of the freehold, known as Collective Enfranchisement. This involves getting together with your fellow Leaseholders to purchase the freehold together. If your property is not part of a block and is “stand-alone”, for example a house, you may have the right to buy the freehold. Please contact us if you are considering either of the above so that we can provide you with the correct advice.

We make moving to us as simple as possible for you and we handle all of the running around. Please click here to find out more or contact us.

Be our guest! We love to meet with Leaseholders so we can answer any questions you may have. We’ll ensure our meeting room is stocked up with tea and biscuits (just let us know which type).


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