FAQ for Rental Tenants

We act as Managing Agent on behalf of the Freeholder or Management Company named in the Lease. We collect Service Charges from the owners of the flats / apartments which is used to maintain the building. The main reason we may deal with Rental Tenants is because we are often in charge of looking after the communal areas of your building. This can include cleaning and maintenance to both the inside and outside of the building, as well as any landscaped areas or car parking.

A Service Charge is payable under the terms of the Lease by the Leaseholder (Lessee) to the Landlord (Lessor) in respect of the services which the Landlord provides to the building. Simply speaking it is a contribution from each property owner towards the upkeep of the communal areas. This usually includes services such as cleaning, landscaping, maintenance, redecoration and insuring the building. Your Landlord (whom you rent the property from) will be responsible for making payment of Service Charges.

The Lease usually makes provision for dealing with anti-social behavior or anything else which interrupts the quiet enjoyment of residents. Please contact us to report any issues and we will advise how we can resolve these.

You can report non-urgent repairs by clicking here. You will be prompted if we think the issue you are trying to repair is the responsibility of your Landlord or Letting Agent. If you need to report an emergency please click here for details of our 24-hour emergency telephone number.


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