Are you leaving your property at risk this Summer?

4th Jul 2018

As many Britons are packing up and jetting off on their holidays over the next few months, their homes are at risk of becoming a target to thieves. With Summer now in full swing, many security companies are insisting you must take extra precautions. Furthermore, with burglary on the risk, an increase of 9% since last year according to the Office for National Statistics, people are advised to make sure their properties aren’t at risk as Summer holidays are a prime opportunity for burglars.

Switch off your devices

Cyber security experts revealed that hackers can find out your location, give or take a few miles, through several devices found in the average home, for example Google Home Speaker or Google Chromecast device. By switching off your devices and broadband while you’re away you could be reducing the risk of the wrong person finding out that you’re not at home.

Be social-media savvy

The last thing you want to do is brag about being on holiday and your home being completely vulnerable to burglars; personally I know of a few people that have put on social media they’re going away on holiday and how long for, then coming back to find that their homes have been broken into. While you might think that your group of face book friends is small, you never know who might be watching your activity; so the best thing to do is keep quiet about your movements and only upload your holiday photos when you’re back in your own home.

Make sure that your property looks occupied

The little things such as setting your lights on a timer, asking your neighbour to park on your drive and cancelling deliveries so they don’t pile up on your doorstep is one of the best ways to deter thieves. You can also get your neighbour or friends to go around and check everything is in order every few days and keep you updates so you know that everything is exactly how you left it.

Putting your CCTV in the right place

There is no point in having CCTV pointing directly at your front door because by the time the burglar has got that far it would be too late. You should have your CCTV positioned further away to detect potential thieves before they get into your home. Also, land lords may want to monitor their properties CCTV while the tenants are away just to be cautious.

Don’t hand them the keys 

Many home owners and tenants may have a spare key hidden behind a plant pot or in the porch. Instead, you would be better off leaving it with a trusted neighbour or your land lord if you are renting. By doing either of these things you’ll know exactly where your keys are and won’t have a little worry in the back of your mind that some one has found the key that you’ve hidden.

Final Thought

You should not let the worry of some one committing a crime deter you from going and enjoying your holiday, as long as you take the reasonable precautions you will dramatically lower the chances of your property becoming a target.

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