Right To Manage

What is the Right To Manage?

Owning a leasehold property isn’t always as simple as you may think! We often here from Leaseholders who are frequently saying “we were told the whole site would be cleaned for us” … “nothing is ever done and we are paying the earth” … “no-one told us we had to pay that much”. The Right to Manage lets you and other Leaseholders take over certain management responsibilities from the Landlord without having to prove mismanagement or undertake a lengthy litigious battle!

Under the provisions of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002, a Right To Manage company essentially hands back the management of the development to the Leaseholders to enable them to make the day to day decisions on Managing Agents, maintenance, insurance, repairs and the general management of the block. Leaseholders can often reduce their service charges as a result due to the fact they decide the contractor and as such, they decide how much to spend!

Is it as simple as it sounds?

In essence yes – In reality no. To set up a Right To Manage company you have to follow very strict guidelines which must be adhered to. Certain Notices have to be filed which must comply with the provisions of the Commonhold and Leasehold Reform Act 2002 and by extension The Right to Manage (prescribed particulars and forms) (England) Regulations 2010. The process can be quite tedious and time consuming. We aim to make the process as smooth as possible by preparing all the relevant notices, collecting votes, obtaining official copy entries, ascertaining commercial element space, serving notice and sending requisite correspondence to leaseholders.

Do we qualify?

For more information and to find out if your development qualifies for the Right To Manage please contact us.


Providing the newly formed Right To Manage Company appoints us as their agent, we will carry out the complete RTM process for FREE! 


Our in-house Right To Manage specialist has an excellent track record including freeholder defended matters. If your building and Leaseholders qualify – We will get it for you!