What you should expect from a property manager

18th Apr 2018

As you know, a property manager can provide you with several benefits if you own a property by providing a number of services that will make your job a lot easier, so here are a few of the basics that you should be expecting from your property manager.


Of course, one of the underlying responsibilities of a property manager is to take care of the maintenance of the property. If a building is not properly maintained, you will not be able to keep renters in it or attract new people to move in, so the maintenance of the property is to make sure that it continues to look tempting to potential new leaseholders.


The property manager is also going to oversee that repairs are carried out where needed to preserve the value of the property. At Blocsphere, unlike other property management companies, when a repair needs to take place we will not spend over the nominated amount without obtaining your approval first so that you will not be left with a huge service charge bill at the end of it all. Also, we only use trades people who are properly licensed and insured to handle the type of work that needs to be done to your property.




When you own a property and have occupants you are always going to have to deal with tenant emergencies at one point. If you encounter a middle of the night emergency and you have a property manager you can redirect all these calls to him/her, the property manager will them take charge of the situation and take care of it how they see fit.


Your property manager will be communicating with tenants on a routine basis. Here at Blocsphere, Gabrielle: one of our property mangers, regularly goes to visit sites and interact with our leaseholders to find out if there are any problems with the properties and how to find a speedy solution. By building up a relationship with the tenants, we feel that they are less intimidated to come to us with a problem so  that it can be fixed before it becomes bigger and costlier.


These are the basic elements you should be expecting from your property manager, if you are not getting these with the company you’re using then what are you really paying them for? Here at Blocpshere you can expect a reliable, trustworthy, approachable team to manage your property so that you don’t have to.

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